Black Lotus Project creates Magic: The Gathering card price graphs from the Magic Online Trading League's latest non-foil physical magic card list. New prices are loaded every morning around 8:30am CST, which means the graphs are always fresh and up-to-date.

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Coming to an End and Open Source

Mon 13 January 2014

The primary data source for Black Lotus Project, Magic Traders, has become unresponsive about updating its pricelists, which has made the graphs on Black Lotus Project sorely out of date. This project was started when few other sites offered historical prices or graphs, but since BLP's inception in 2008 the Magic card financial niche has exploded. There are several other great sites that offer more than Black Lotus Project does currently, and they update their prices on a regular basis.

In the coming weeks, I plan to open all of Black Lotus Project's source in case it sparks other developers' creativity around card pricing. I will also export the entirety of BLP's historical prices in several formats for others to use for whatever they like. The data came from a free source, and I intend to offer the data for free as well. will likely exist for some time to come, but there will be few updates beyond opening the source and historical data from the site. If you are interested in historical data in a specific format or other information about open source, tweet at @blacklotusproj.


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