At BLACKLOTUSPROJECT we begin each project with an exploration of its needs: what does this event need to do, need to say, need to evoke, need to look like. From there we create the perfect event platform. Because one design most certainly does not fit all.

We are event people. Not florists or caterers, club promoters or party planners.

We get it. We know how to create and execute events… memorable, strategic events. Events that tell stories, market brands, position new products, and resonate with target audiences.

Our design work is not only stunning but it also always has a purpose. We approach each project as an exploration into the company, brand, or product and its relationship to the target audience. We focus on the needs, goals, and aesthetic — which guides how we design the event platform. We bring in technology when and where it makes sense within a design and content philosophy that is focused on making our clients look good… really good. We take on one-off projects but where we truly thrive is in our long-term relationships. Regardless of project scope, we support all our clients with the same level of creativity, attention, and thought.

We’re a full-service agency that provides whatever kind of service our clients need, from simple AV for a single event to a full-scale, multi-platform production (and everything in between).

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