Scars of Mirrodin, Comments, and Lotsa Images

Tue 30 November 2010

BLP has Scars of Mirrodin! The pricelists started updating last week, so all Scars cards have some price points now. The most popular cards are dominated by mythic rares from both Scars and M11 as well as a lingering Vengevine whose price seems to have leveled in the past month but is still the most popular card from ROE.

Comments on cards and blog posts had been busted for some time after upgrading the site to a newer version of Django, but they should work once again. As soon as they were fixed the spam bots came in in full force... If comments stop working again it will be intentional to try to stop the spam!

The default card back was incredibly ugly to look at in the charts, so the process of getting new images is now entirely automated. You should see far fewer of those creeping into the charts as all the older sets are filled with their card images.