Expanding the Card URL

Mon 31 August 2009

I am interested in making the URLs at Black Lotus Project incredibly easy to understand. The URL for any given card used to use the 3-letter expansion code to denote the set. /3ED/Volcanic+Island/ lead to the Revised Volcanic Island, and /LEB/Time+Walk/ lead to the Beta Time Walk (LEB = Limited Edition Beta). You had to know the expansion code to get to the card.

I have expanded the card URLs to use the full set name, which should make it easier to navigate. I've also added linking from cards back up to their sets and an alphabetical listing of the cards in a set to make the site more navigable.

Linking to a card page on Black Lotus Project is as easy as pie. The cards section of the site is under "/cards/". After that, type in the set, something like "/cards/Fallen Empires" or "/cards/ice age". Then just put in the name of the card you want, maybe "/cards/ice age/necropotence" or "/cards/Fallen Empires/Goblin Grenade". I have actually found myself navigating sites with meaningful URLs by typing in the location bar rather than clicking through links.